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Blowing in the paint
Summer Hermès Omotesando windows display, Tokyo


 The concept of the two windows display is a painting in the making.

Windows space opens up and gives the impression of infinity.

Imagine the painter creating his canvas ; a dreamlike landscape straight out of a waking dream. A calm almost silent landscape composed of floating clouds, wide dunes, sculptures in wood turned resembling trees and where a kite floats peacefully. Shadows of projected objects are sharp and drawn as if under a sun at its zenith. A play is set up between the volume elements and their shadows like anamorphoses. The shine of the sand under the summer sun bounces off the shiny and velvety surfaces.

Then the wind picks up, the canvas turns upside down, elements fly away, undulate, blur, some elements stand out from the background and take part in this astonishing summer dance.

Date : 2023

Matériaux : Ceramics, painting, wood turned, plaster...                            


Photos : ©Nacàsa & Partners Inc. / Courtesy of Hermès Japon

              ©Atelier Baptiste & Jaïna

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